If I never met you,
I would not be me,

If I never saw you,
I would be blind to love,

If I never held you,
I would not know warmth,

If I never cry for you,
I would not know sadness.

We were ment to be,

Like moon and sun,
Earth and universe,

Our tales were bound to be.

If you ever feel down,
Borrow my eyes,
See through my view,
How I adore you.

Is it really love,
If it doesn’t hurt a bit,
Is it really gone,
If you can still feel it,

Are you truly alive,
If you fade away,
Are we truly done,
If our minds are open,

Is it all worth it,
If you loose more,
Is it all mine,
If I took it with a weapon.

When I saw your heart,
I knew it was mine,

Mine to love,
From now to eternity,
Mine to carry,
Gently on my arms,

When I felt your touch,
I knew you needed me,

Needed me to protect,
Under my wings to hide,
Needed me to never forget,
The love we share.